Cryo Slimming / Sculpting

Our Cryo targeted Cryo device allows us to concentrate your treatment on specific problem areas. 

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Cryo Slimming & Sculpting

Powerful weight loss for stubborn fat, lose inches, see immediate results and watch the improvement grow over the next 4-6 weeks. Brown adipose tissue (BAT) burns fat to help make energy when your body is exposed to extreme cold. Cold temperatures can also boost your metabolism and help your body become better at processing glucose. Unlike coolscultpting our cryotherapy has no down time and we can treat the entire area instead of one small section, this means no lumps or bumps. 

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Before Treatments

- Increase water intake, include lemon if possible
- Keep skin free of lotions to treated areas
- Wear loose clothing the day of treatment
- Avoid alcohol a couple days before the treatment
- Avoid caffeine the day of the treatment​
- Exercise a little daily

After Treatment

- Continue to increase water intake and add lemon and/or apple cider vinegar, if possible.
- Exercise daily 15-30 mins (walk).
- Massage or wrap the area for slight compression (Legs, arms or stomach)
- Take some Magnesium, or Herbs such as: Goldensea, Calendula, Echinacea, Astragalus.
- Do deep breathing techniques.
- Do dry brushing in sweeping motions, always toward the heart.
- Eat foods such as leafy green vegetables, low sugar fruits, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, avocados, garlic, Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts and cranberries at least 1-2 days following treatment
- Avoid alcohol after treatment (1 day).
- Avoid sugars (especially fructose), refined grains (especially grains containing gluten), and chemically modified fats, limit high salt foods (1-2 days after)
- Avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners, conventional dairy and soy

Cryo Slimming / Sculpting / Cellulite

Cryo Sculpting is the process by which you shape the body through targeted adipose tissue freezing (fat freezing). Adipose tissue is highly sensitive to the cold while muscle tissue and skin tissue is not. Adipose tissues crystalize and flatten, causing the initial inch loss after treatment. The immune system takes over at this point and starts to break down the crystalized fat cells, which are deposited into the lymphatic system. This process will continue for at least several weeks to as long as six months after treatment.


In Action

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Cryo Slimming /Sculpting Treatments:

Arms - $250 | 5-Pack $999
Inner & Outer Legs - $425 | 5-Pack $1700
Glute sculpt & lift, $250 | 5-Pack $999
Mens pec lift - $225, 5-Pack $1050
Breast lift - $275 | 5-Pack $1250
Core - $450 | 5-Pack $1800
Upper back - $250 | 5-Pack $1150
Lower back - $175 | 5Pack $700
​Full Back - $250 | 5Pack $999
Full Body Make Over - Core, Inner & Outer Legs, Arms, Full Back, 5Pack $7500

Treatments are recommended in a series of 5 for full results and benefits.

All Cryo Slimming/Sculpting Sessions include a complimentary Energy Oxygen Boost.

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Please note we have a firm 48-hour cancellation policy. For groups of 3 or more we request a 7 day cancellation policy and payment upfront. We are a small owner operated spa and this policy allows us an opportunity to try and fill the appointment time that you had blocked on our schedule. This policy is crucial for the success of this business and its staff, thank you for your consideration, understanding and kindness in following our policy.  

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