Treat yourself

To a Day of Pure Beauty

Our Spa Passes are a wonderful way to experience our unique immune boosting, wellness treatments. Spend a relaxing day at the spa and benefit from our incredible healing treatments.

The SPA DAY PASS includes a Salt Cave Treatment, a Far Infrared Sauna Therapy and Oxygen Lounge Session. Upon arriving at the spa you will be given slippers and a cozy spa robe to wear while you to relax and enjoy these three healing treatments. Each of these individual treatments are 45 minutes. They promote relaxation, healing and detoxing, and leave you feeling completely rejuvenated. Highly effective at gently detoxing, regular therapeutic treatments will help you to achieve optimal health.

Spa Day Pass, $135 (non-transferable)

The PAIN MANAGEMENT DAY PASS includes our Cryotherapy Pain Treatment, Far Infrared Sauna and Salt Cave. All treatments are powerful in fighting inflammation.

Pain Management Day Pass, $145 (non-transferable)

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Professional Athletes are using targeted cryotherapy to improve their athletic performance. With Cryotherapy they can reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, improve range of motion, faster recovery; from injuries and surgery, relieve acute and chronic pain, including rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, ease tension and help treat migraines. Our energy treatment boosts your oxygen levels making your acclimation to altitude a breeze. The incredible benefits allow for versatile Treatment options include:

Reduce Inflammation • Pain Management • Range of Motion • Injury Recovery • Energy Oxygen Boosting • Slimming & Sculpting • Frotox Age Defying Facials • Inflammatory Skin Healing • Hair Rejuvenation •

Targeted cryotherapy

delivered directly on to the target areas for rapid relief and benefit

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A Beautiful Space

to heal, meditate, relax and sleep.

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Salt Cave Therapy

The unique microclimate inside the cave is rich in 84 vital minerals and negative ions. An anti inflammatory response is immediately sparked as you absorb the salt through your respiratory system. The salt is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial. It will allow you to detox at the cellular level. The Salt Cave is highly beneficial for your respiratory, immune, and lymphatic system.

Respiratory Health • Skin Health • Cell Detoxification • Altitude Adjustment • Insomnia Relief • Stress & Anxiety Relief • Anti-Inflammatory • Immune Support • Mineral Replacement •

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Unlike a regular sauna the Far Infrared sauna heats your core not your skin, increasing you to a more effective temperature, you feel like you are in the sun and it has a wealth of benefits. Infrared is highly effective for reducing inflammation, boosting your immune system and soothing autoimmune disease symptoms, it is also beneficial for improving:

Cardiovascular Health • Pain • Fatigue • Respiratory Ailments • Sports Performance • Cellular Detoxification • Circulation & Blood Pressure • Skin Health • Stress Relief • Weight Loss • Muscle Health • Cholesterol • High Altitude Adjustment •

The Deep Nurturing Heat of the Sun

to soothe, relax, heal and detox

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Telluride Colorado’s

most relaxing serene location to catch your breath

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Recline and relax in the lounge. Our oxygen sessions can help alleviate the symptoms of altitude sickness, assist with acclimatization, re-energize you after a tough day on the slopes, or a big hike, and help you relax at the end of the day. Oxygen even helps lessen the effects of hangovers, headaches, sinus problems, as well as high altitude symptoms such as:

Headaches • Nausea • Shortness of Breath • Rapid Heart Rate • Decreased Appetite • Dizziness • Light Headed • Insomnia • Fatigue • Digestive Issues

Upgrade to our Performance Oxygen, powerful Organic Essential Oil Blends for boosting your immune system, strengthening your respiratory system, stress relief and more.

Monthly Wellness Pass

Enjoy a total of 2 Sauna, 3 Oxygen, and 4 Salt Cave Sessions per week.

$450, non-transferable

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what our clients

have to say

This is truly a wellness spa focused on rejuvenation and healing. Our group did the day pass and it was wonderful. The combination of the salt cave, the infrared sauna, oxygen and the massage was so restorative and relaxing. If you have the time, book a treatment here. This team set the bar pretty high for wellness spas. - Amanda G.

what our clients

have to say

I did the Spa Day Pass. Sat in a Suana for about 30 minutes and in the same room I rinsed off in the shower. Then headed to the relaxing oxygen room where I chose the Breathe Easy essential oil blend with my oxygen intake, this was fantastic for my altitude symptoms. Finished off at the most fabulous Salt Cave room where I ended up laying on the salt floor, as if I was on a beach, spectacular room! Such a warm and friendly place, totally worth the experience!!! A must do! - Madelaine T.

To make a reservation, our online system requires a credit card to hold your booking but you will not be charged until after your appointment. An industry standard gratuity of 20% is added to all treatments, this goes to the therapist or the spa attendant that provided your service. We thank you for your consideration and appreciation for our hard working staff. 

Please note we have a firm 48-hour cancellation policy. For groups of 3 or more we request a 7 day cancellation policy and payment upfront. We are a small owner operated spa and this policy allows us an opportunity to try and fill the appointment time that you had blocked on our schedule. This policy is crucial for the success of this business and its staff, thank you for your consideration, understanding and kindness in following our policy.  

Please note make up appointments have a longer cancellation window of 14 days and bridal packages require a signed contract and deposit to hold your date.

Discounted Packages are non-transferable. Pre-paid treatments are valid for 1 year from purchase date.

All in-store sales are final, we do not offer refunds on retail items or services rendered.

We are a small boutique wellness spa with innovative holistic treatments. Our spa is small and focuses on our clients and our treatments. We do not house showering facilities or hot tubs that you may expect at a large hotel spa. Please plan accordingly.