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Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa offers Telluride's best skin rejuvenation and facial treatment services, all within a comfortable day spa setting.
Enjoy everything from, CryoTherapy Frotox Facials, Microneedle Collagen Boosting Facials and Microcurrent Facial Sculpting to Luxury Ageless Facials, using premier ISUN products.

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CryoTherapy Frotox Facials

Cryotherapy Frotox Facials are the newest installment in celebrity facial trends. These facials can completely shed unwanted sagging in the chin, neck and jaw line, they help to reduce inflammation and promote collagen production, reduce pores and improve blood flow and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Lift and tone around your eyes and cheek bones to turn back the clock and regain that youthful gorgeous glow.

Roseaca and Teen Acne Cryo Facials and Blasts also available.

Add an ISUN Mini or Full Facial for optimal results.

$185- $350 | 30 - 90 minutes

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Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

​Facial Sculpting “Lunch-Time-Face-Lift” is a non-surgical, microcurrent facial treatment of the neck, face, eyes, eyebrows and forehead that will leave you looking  years younger.  The treatment lifts, tones and reduces fine lines leaving you looking younger and healthier within a very short amount of time. The most amazing thing about microcurrent technology is the speed at which a treatment can be administered.

Can be added as a Mini Microcurrent Facial to other Facials and Massage.

$85-185 | 30- 75 minutes

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Microneedle Facials

Innovative and effective, Microneedle activates your body’s natural cellular regeneration to help tighten and lift skin, while minimizing many common skin problems. Improves fine lines and wrinkles, acne and stretch mark scarring.

Correct and Restore Facial for optimal collegen boost. We numb the skin and clients should expect 3 days of down time. Add an extra areas.

Nano Refine and Glow Facial with no down time or discomfort just gorgorgeous glowing skin, perfect to boost your skin before a special event. Can be added to other massage or facial services.

$200 - $400 | 45 - 90 minutes

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Pure Signature Facial

We can tailor your facial to address all your individual needs, relax and rejuvenate. Our ISUN facials include head, neck and face massage.

$185 | 75 minutes

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Age Revitalizing Facial

Telluride's dry climate calls for luxurious deep exfoliating and hydrating facial to reveal a younger and youthful glow.

$185 | 75 minutes

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Detoxifying Facial

Created to draw out toxins, purify and nourish the skin, dramatic positive results for acne prone skin and clogged pores.

$185 | 75 minutes

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Ageless Men's Facial

Because men of all ages deserve healthy, happy skin too.

$185 | 75 minutes

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Back Facial Bliss

Deep cleansing and invigorating exfoliation followed by a calm and soothing mask.

$185 | 75 minutes

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Teen Acne Facial

Treat your teen to Cryo Blast or a Cryo and ISUN Facial for optimal results.

$95 Cryo Blast

$185 | 60 minutes

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Why Pure Beauty Facials?

Choose from our menu of facials for gorgeous, glowing, healthy skin.​ We use ISUN skincare made from wildcrafted, organic and natural ingredients in outstanding high performance products that give gratifying and remarkable results for all. ​Contact us to learn more.

Days 1-3

Day 1: Red appearance of the skin will vary depending on your treatment and the depth of the penetration of the needles.

Day 2: Redness or pinkness of the skin will be similar to moderate sunburn. Swelling may be more noticeable.

Day 3: Skin may still be pink or have returned to normal color. Swelling will subside.


- Wash your face thoroughly a few hours after the treatment. Gently massage your face with tepid water so as to remove all serum and other debris, such as dried blood. Do not use a chemical sunscreen on the same day as your treatment.
- For the first 1-3 days, your skin will be very dry and may feel tight. Frequent use of an HA (hyaluronic acid) serum or other moisturizer will help alleviate this condition.
- After 2-3 days you can return to using your regular skin care products, or as soon as it is comfortable for you to do so. Products containing Vitamin A are recommended.
- Avoid alcohol-based toners for 10-14 days.
- Avoid direct sun exposure for 3-5 days, if possible. Use sun protection as suggested by your practitioner.

Home skincare checklist

- Cleanse: Use a soothing cleanser or facial wash with tepid water to cleanse your face for the following 48 hours. Dry gently. Always make sure your hands are clean when touching the treated area.
- Soothe: Copper-based skincare is recommended, post-treatment, as the mineral properties are perfect to help heal your skin and will sterilize it as well. Resveratrol-based products can help soothe the skin and lessen irritation.
- Hydrate: Following your treatment, the skin may feel drier than normal. Hyaluronic Acid is an ideal ingredient to hydrate and restore your skin back to a perfect balance.
- Make-up: It is recommended that make-up is not applied for 12 hours after the procedure. Do not apply any make-up with a make-up brush or other applicators that might not be sterile.
- Protect: Apply a practitioner-approved sunscreen, if needed. Take precautions against exposure to the sun. Have no direct exposure to the sun for 3 to 5 days post-treatment. Do not apply chemical sunscreen for 24 hours post-treatment.

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what our clients

have to say

Try the Salt Cave it is so healing. Best massage and facials and best spa in Telluride. Thank you Joanna and all the lovely crew at Pure Beauty for all that you do. You have helped me time and again get through difficult times and heal mentally and physically. A true gem, wish you would open a spa near me. I'll be back. - Michelle Kelly

What our clients

have to say

Excellent facial and skin care! A quiet little spa-like sanctuary right in the heart of downtown Telluride, Joanna uses amazing products, and incorporates massage into the facial treatment. I left feeling rejuvenated and my skin responded very very well to Joanna's customized treatment! I will be returning! - Vivian Russell

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To make a reservation, our online system requires a credit card to hold your booking but you will not be charged until after your appointment. An industry standard gratuity of 20% is added to all treatments, this goes to the therapist or the spa attendant that provided your service. We thank you for your consideration and appreciation for our hard working staff. 

Please note we have a firm 48-hour cancellation policy. For groups of 3 or more we request a 7 day cancellation policy and payment upfront. We are a small owner operated spa and this policy allows us an opportunity to try and fill the appointment time that you had blocked on our schedule. This policy is crucial for the success of this business and its staff, thank you for your consideration, understanding and kindness in following our policy.  

Please note make up appointments have a longer cancellation window of 14 days and bridal packages require a signed contract and deposit to hold your date.

Discounted Packages are non-transferable. Pre-paid treatments are valid for 1 year from purchase date.

All in-store sales are final, we do not offer refunds on retail items or services rendered.

We are a small boutique wellness spa with innovative holistic treatments. Our spa is small and focuses on our clients and our treatments. We do not house showering facilities or hot tubs that you may expect at a large hotel spa. Please plan accordingly.