Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is the quickest and most effective way to a new, healthier, more energetic you.

At Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa (formerly San Miguel Wellness Center) we focus on supporting your goals for digestive health, detoxing and cleansing, as well as addressing health issues that may be caused by toxicity. Colon Hydrotherapy is the most natural and effective way to flush the colon. Warm purified water hydrates the colon wall while it softens and loosens compacted waste allowing it to leave your system gently. Cleaning and hydrating the colon wall allows the cells to heal and rejuvenate. The treatment itself will also tone and train your colon to work more effectively. 

Single Session $135 | 3 Series $350

Add a Far Infrared Sauna for $50
Add a Salt Cave Therapy for $35

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What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Did you know that we should be eliminating 3 to 4 times a day? One meal in, one meal out. Toxins in our air, water and diet, cosmetic products and even stress can cause illness and disease, and they increase the magnitude of our health challenges and slow down our digestive system. The health of our organs and our overall well-being depends on how well our elimination functions work. Poor elimination leads to the impaction of toxic waste in our colon which in turn can cause toxicity in the entire body. The colon also functions as the final absorption of Vitamins B and K, water and other nutrients as well as the location of important receptors for serotonin. Poor colon health will disrupt all of these functions. 

Colon hydrotherapy Results in:

Reduced Bloating
Flatter Stomach
Better Digestion
Reduced Flatulence
Reduced Belching
Improved Intestinal Bacteria (Flora) Balance
​Reduced Candida and Yeast Infections
​Improved Bowel Function and Muscle Tone
Reduced Constipation
Reduced Diarrhea
Increased Energy and Vitality
Improved Mood
Improved Focus and Concentration

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Colon Hydrotherapy, using an insured and registered FDA medical device, is a safe and effective method to remove decaying, impacted fecal matter from the large intestine using warm purified water and without the use of drugs, laxatives or chemicals. The closed system features state of the art sanitation, water purification, pressure control and temperature controls using disposable sanitized products. 

Colon Hydrotherapy is the gentle process of infusing warm, purified water to cleanse and balance the colon. During the session a highly trained professional gently and slowly administers the warm water into the colon. This technique gently stimulates the colon's natural peristalsis to release softened, impacted waste. Clients relax on a custom treatment table, fully covered, while the treatment hydrates, detoxifies and heals, helping to achieve optimal health. Dignity is maintained at all times. 

Pure Beauty & Wellness Studio practices the Slo Fil method developed by Cathy Shea which helps hydrate, nourish, heal, tone, and train the colon to eliminate more effectively. The wonderful thing about the Slo Fil method is that we focus on relaxation and hydration. Studies have shown that the more we relax, the more we release. In order for the treatment to be as comfortable and effective as possible and for you to stay relaxed while the warm purified water hydrates the colon, we only introduce one cup of water at a time. 

Abdominal Cramping
Acid Reflux Disorder
Celiac Disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also know as ME
Decreased Healthy Colon Bacteria (Can be caused by excessive use of Antibiotics)
Headaches/ Migraines
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Parasitic Infections
Post Cancer and Chemotherapy Treatment
Skin Complexion
Sluggish Colon 
Sinus Infections
Substance Abuse Recovery
Urinary Urgency
Water Retention

1. Will it hurt?​
No, it will not hurt. We work very gently using a Slo-filsm method of introducing water into the colon. There is a small plastic piece called a speculum that is gently inserted into the rectum. The speculum is lubricated so that it slides in easily and with no discomfort.

2. What is a session like?
Very warm water is slowly introduced into the anus. You are always in control, if at any time you are feeling uncomfortable, you can stop. If your body is able, more small slow fills will be made introducing about 1 cup of water at a time into the colon. Then when you feel you are full, you just say empty and the water is allowed to empty taking any fecal matter or undigested food along with it. If you feel that you can take another fill, the process can be repeated. Each time you are trying to allow water deeper and deeper into the colon to cleanse it gently. Some abdominal massage may be given to help move the water along past any blockages such as gas bubbles or large fecal matter. Everything that is done is done slowly and gently. Your safety and comfort are the number one priority.

3. How long will a session be?
The first session will take about 1hour and 30 minutes. Joanna will sit down and discuss your health history as well as any health issues that you are currently dealing with. She will need to know about any medications that you are taking and will talk a little about your eating habits. The actual treatment usually lasts about 45 minutes and everything that is being done will be explained to you.

4. Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my treatment?
It’s best to stop eating and drinking 2 hours before your session. This allows your colon to rest and be ready for relaxation.

5. Is one treatment enough or will I have to come back for more treatments?
It’s best to receive a series of three treatments in a row when you first begin. This way you can be somewhat assured of reaching far up into the colon and really doing a good job of cleaning. After the initial series it is really up to you and your therapist to determine what would be a good protocol for you. If you eat well and take good care of yourself, it may only be necessary to have a series once per quarter. However, if your eating habits are somewhat poor or you are having digestive issues, it may be beneficial to have treatments on a monthly basis. Each person is different. We want to coach you to use colon hydrotherapy regularly as part of your wellness program. Like changing the oil in your car to keep it running well!

6. Do I need to fast or do a colon cleanse before the colonics?
No, it helps to drink more filtered water and avoid dairy and wheat as preparation. We also suggest a supplemental magnesium product called Oxy – Powder. Take 2 before bed each night to help draw water into the colon and promote the muscle activity.​

7. Why do prepaid packages not have a refund policy? What if I don’t like the treatment and only want one?
We accept your payment after your first session so you’ll know whether or not you want to return.

8. What will happen after the treatment and can I work, will I leak?
It’s best to arrange to go home after your first session. That way you can relax and take it easy. Most of us have strong enough muscles to heed the call and get to the toilet without leaking. After cleansing, do not trust your gas…it could be wet.

9. Why so many treatments?
Most people are dehydrated and overwhelmed. This procedure is about relaxation and hydration. It may take several months or even years for us to re-pattern old habits ad cleanse the entire 30’ of tubing from mouth to anus.

10. If I go three times a day why do I need colon hydrotherapy?
If we eat, drink and breathe, we are processing toxins. A typical colon hydrotherapy session may help release several quarts of fecal matter, quite a lot more than we release in a day.

11. I have not had a BM for several days. Will this solve my problem?
We’d need to know more. It certainly will help if there is a long term back up. We’ll talk about the causes and what you can do to help prevent this from happening.

12. If I do an oral colon cleanse why do I need a colonic?
Cleansing by taking oral products can be very harsh and irritating to the gastric lining. We usually discourage the ingestion of herbal and over the counter products that will force the waste through too quickly; creating dehydration and cramping. They also work when they want to, without any warning sometimes. The colon hydrotherapysession is a gentle, relaxing experience of warm, filtered water soothing and relaxing the colon as it tones the muscles. Very big difference.

For further questions please contact Joanna at the spa.

Through my training I have learned the importance of nutrition. Cooking methods, processed food, chemicals and hormones have all affected our diets and our toxicity levels. Pure Beauty & Wellness Studio is committed to helping clients understand their personal nutritional needs which is why complementary nutritional counseling is offered with all Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments. Our goal is to help our clients achieve optimal health and vitality.
During your appointment we will discuss what foods you are ingesting and in some cases make suggestions where you can improve your diet so that your digestion will function better. There are also many simple and natural tricks that you can do to help your body function better, for example adding fresh lemon to your water can help to balance your PH levels.
Rather than only focusing on flushing toxins out it is also important to realize what toxins are going into your system. To achieve ultimate health it is a balance of both giving your body what it needs and removing what it doesn't. The combination of good diet and regular cleansing will give you a huge positive shift in how you feel and function.

If you are hoping to cleanse we will choose the most appropriate cleanse based on your needs and goals. You will receive full daily support guiding you through each day on what to eat, drink and results to expect and avoid re - toxifying and becoming overwhelmed so that you achieve maximum results.

As you detox your organs release toxins into your gut for exit out your body, however toxins slow your GI tract and if your colon is already slow or compacted it is likely you will get more constipated and compacted leading to the possibility of re-toxifying, as the released toxins are now trapped.As 80% of your immune system is in your gut, a compromised colon can lead to lowering your immunity and many people discover there health becomes is far worse after a cleanse. In addition constipation and compaction will also affect the bacteria balance in your gut, leading to gas and bloating. Our mood enhancers are all made in your gut so your your serotonin levels and therefore your mood can be effected which is why some cleanses if not properly prepared can be very overwhelming.Re-toxifying is something that every person cleansing should be very conscious of and the key to avoiding it is choosing the right cleanse for you and making very sure that your colon keeps moving and doest get stuck.

We are here to help gently guide you through your cleanse so you get the most effective and positive results, leaving you feeling healthy and rejuvenated with the right direction for continuing your diet in a more productive nutritional balance. ​

For more information contact Joanna.

- We use the closed system vs. open system for reasons of improved safety and comfort. It allows us to adjust pressure and temperature to each client's need.
- All of the speculums and tubes are disposable.
- We stay in the room with you at all times during the session.
- You shall be covered at all times during a session with proper draping.
- During your session, we will coach you to relax and allow the body to hydrate . It's more likely that you will release in the bathroom after the hydration where you have privacy.
- The water being used is filtered via ultraviolet light, carbon filtering and sediment filters.
- The equipment has safety features built into it to ensure that the pressure never exceeds 2 pounds per square inch (the FDA recommended safety limit).
- The equipment shall be cleaned and disinfected between every client with a hospital grade product that is FDA cleared.
- Each client is required to see their doctor to be screened for contraindications prior to their sessions.
- All of our therapists are certified or in training for certification by a reputable organization ( ) and receive a minimum of 100 hours of course work.
- All of our therapists have peer support (other health care providers) to help them with things they may not understand or be in a position to handle. We pride ourselves on creating a collaborative work & learning environment with other therapists, teachers or doctors available for guidance.
- Our philosophy is to promote education in a safe and comfortable space where healing may unfold for each person in their own time and in their own way. We value diversity and honor each person's unique gifts and talents, learning from these differences. Our only goal is client comfort and safety.

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Detoxification of the Colon allows all of the cells throughout the body to restore, leading to improved nutrient absorption. This strengthens the immune system and permits other organs of elimination (skin, lungs, liver and kidneys) to operate more effectively. Colon Hydrotherapy is highly recommended for anyone looking to feel and live healthier. Flushing toxins out of your body combined with better nutrition, hydration and exercise can be a life changing experience. Colon hydrotherapy can help hit the reset button and get you back to feeling great! 

Diet and herbal cleanses are a great way to release toxins from your organs into your digestive tract for elimination, however these toxins can also block the colon preventing elimination and causing you to re-toxify so those toxins leak back into your system and go right back to the organs that just released them. Flushing the colon is key to lowering your toxicity level and the most effective way to cleanse your entire body and allow it to thrive. Once your digestive tract is flushed all your other organs will naturally start to release the toxins they are holding, making your cleanse even more effective. 

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