Digestive Rehab

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Written by Cathy Shea

​It takes time to rehabilitate colon tone and function. Many people suffer with digestive upset and constipation for years. We have found that a combination of factors must be addressed in order to affect lasting change:
1. cultivate a sincere desire to change habits and behaviors and the diligence to pursue a new lifestyle...may need new job, partner, extended family, etc. who are supportive of who you are and the dreams you aspire to achieve
2. be willing to explore nutritional changes and eliminate wheat, dairy, sugars and red meats-seek nutritional counsel and support
3. eat small meals more often and eliminate those foods that do not agree with you-notice bloating, skin rashes, reflux or other signals
4. avoid cold foods & drinks-sip on hot water with lemon in it during meals
5. supplement with hydrochloric acid (HCL) to improve digestion and reduce reflux episodes (we sell Metagest, call 970.239.6114 to order)
6. exercise 3 times per week minimum including abdominal strengthening & specific yoga practices
7. increase pure water intake to improve hydration at a cellular level
8. supplement with magnesium to help stimulate peristalsis ((we prefer Oxy-Powder-order by calling us at 970 708 3787)
9. substitute organic ground flax seed for psyllium products like Metamucil as a nutritious fiber (start with 1 tsp in water am & pm increasing to 4 tablespoons per day over 30 day period, gradually increase)
10. be willing to let go emotionally- seek professional counsel as you explore places where you may be "holding"
11. include rest and relaxation in daily practices, seek solitude & quiet time
12. explore stress management: massage, lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral therapy, hypnotherapy to re-pattern the nervous system towards relaxation
13. start touching and loving your belly, talk to this part of your body and make friends with it
14. wear loose fitting clothing or pants with elastic at the waist-stop girdling
15. BREATHE CONSCIOUSLY! Pay attention to your patterns and notice how often the breathing stops, especially when under stress.
16. notice when you clench your teeth/jaw, this stops energy from flowing through the GI tract...unhook the hinge at your jaw and let your mouth and hand open during the day .

Colon hydrotherapy is one of the very best ways to help open a stagnant bowel and train the system to relax. The infusion of warm filtered water in a safe, sanitary environment creates comfort as years of waste build up are gently washed away. We begin with a series of 3 sessions, one per day for 3 days. We suggest 2 Oxy-Powder first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It is often
necessary to continue with the sessions on consecutive days until a breakthrough is experienced. Remember that it has taken years for this condition to develop and it will take time for new patterns to be put into place. With determination and the support of your certified colon hydrotherapist, small changes will begin to make a big difference. 

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