Gas? Why so Much?

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Important to examine: 1) Physical, 2) Mental, 3) Emotional 4) Spiritual reasons Very often it’s not what we eat but what's eating us!

Inadequate chewing.... proper chewing necessary for carbohydrates in particular (amylase only present in saliva). We have no teeth in the stomach!!

Eating cold foods-nothing leaves the stomach until it reaches 98.6 degrees. The stomach is like an oven and as food sits and cooks it ferments. Drink warm water with lemon or warm tea before eating, especially an animal flesh meal.

Drinking carbonated beverages-literally drinking gas!

Improper food combining (a) fruits & sweets, always eat alone (b) eat proteins with vegetables (c) eat starch with vegetables-DESSERTS ARE A DISASTER!

Chewing gum & talking while you eat-inadequate chewing and swallowing air. Never eat when upset about anything-maybe just some warm liquids / soup Low HCL levels in stomach (a cup of water with lemon raises HCL naturally)

Using antacids like Tums or Rolaids will diminish stomach acid, which is vital to the digestive process. Most people who feel they need these drugs actually have too little acid to break down the foods properly. The foods sit too long in the stomach as it tries to create more digestive juices, fermentation occurs, acid reflux can result. This can lead to GERD (gastro-esophageal-reflux-disease), which means that the stomach acids go up into the esophagus and burn that delicate tissue. If one has these symptoms more than once per week, they must eat smaller meals more often, use the warm water w/lemon before meals, stop eating 4-5 hours prior to sleeping, handle their emotional issues and eliminate the foods that aggravate the situation (like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, spices, etc.). Chronic GERD leads to esophageal cancer, which has no cure at this time. It can be avoided with proper attention and diligence.

Rushing while eating food-we usually will not chew thoroughly & eating while talking on the phone or riding in a car.

Never eat with someone you don't like, when angry or COOK while angry. It all goes into the food

​Imbalance in gut flora (high levels of candida or unfriendly bacteria (supplements with MISO soup or probiotics) 

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