Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Deep and profound, discover how Structural Integration can correct your alignment for more ease, grace, flexibility, and athletic ability.

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The Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Mandy Hiller, LMT & Structural Integration Practictioner, brings presence, awareness, and patience to each healing session. If you are curious about the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, book Session 1 to open the breath and prepare the body for changes to come and see if it is for you! Call us today (970) 239-6144 or book online here to begin your healing journey!

  • Single Session, $275
  • 3 Series $750
  • 10 Series $2250

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what is the Rolf method of structural integration?

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration (SI) is a systematic approach to unwinding the fascial tensions in the body that cause pain and disfunction; resulting in more ease, grace, flexibility, and athletic ability. It’s like physical therapy for your posture. The complete 10 Series addresses every layer of fascia, from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, we will add length, space, and body awareness.

When the body is in correct alignment, gravity gives support, when segments of the body are not stacked efficiently, gravity pulls us down. At each session first we will observe your body standing and walking. An assessment will be made as to how the body is aligned, your body awareness, and any ease or discomfort you experience. Next, on the table, we will work on the fascial layers that are relevant to the session (a description of the 10 Series is below). The release of fascial tensions require your attention and movement is often called for as part of the process of unwinding, lengthening and educating your body. Every session includes some back work, neck work, and a pelvic lift. Each session ends with a moment of observation standing and walking and some exercises may be suggested to integrate the work.

The overall goal of Structural Integration (SI) is to feel good, but it’s not a massage. It’s more like a workout that makes you feel good, it’s deep and profound. You should be rested before each session, and able to take a short walk and integrate the session after it’s completion. SI is done in your underwear, bathing suit, or shorts and tank top. The lights are up and we are talking through the session about body, injury, awareness, and sensations.


Session 1 improves your breathing capacity by easing the tensions of the shoulders and arms off of the rib cage. Most of the work is done from the ear to the hip. Session 1 stands on it’s own, the benefits are profound and complete, give Rolf Structural Integration a try and see if you’d like it!

Session 2 addresses your base of support, the feet. Most of the work is done from the knee down. The hips are included to bridge the session to your torso. If you move on to Session 2, it’s strongly recommended that you include Session 3 to complete and connect the work on the outer wrapping of fascia.

Session 3 completes the outer wrapping of fascia, focusing on the side body from your ears to your hips. The session is side lying, both sides, bringing awareness to the side, front, and back body, continuing to release the shoulders and hips from the torso.

Session 4 focuses on the inside line from the ankle to the top of the adductors. It is strongly encouraged to schedule Session 5 within a week to complete this fascial plane to the lumbar spine.

Session 5 continues the inside line up into the abdomen. We will look at the layers of the abdominals and the psoas which attaches at the front of the lumbars and inserts to the lessor trochanter on the inner thigh, under the adductors.

Session 6 is the only session done prone or face down. Here we will separate, add length, and awareness to the hamstrings, hip rotators, sacrum and tailbone.

Session 7 is the cranium session. Addressing the neck, cervical spine, head, and for the willing and adventurous, the nose and mouth.

Sessions 8, 9, 10 complete the 10 Series and are very customized to the individual needs of the client. There will be an upper, lower, and full body session. The last three sessions integrate the profound work from 1-7, making connections, awareness, and often getting into deeper layers. Relating the body across all fascial planes, top to bottom, right to left, back to front, and diagonally.

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