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This takes the cleanse to a deeper level. On the evening of your third treatment of the 3 series cleanse, you will drink a liver, gall bladder flush. The next day you will come back for a fourth session to make sure that all of the bile and gall stones have left your system. Colon hydrotherapy, in conjunction with the flush, allows the liver and gall bladder to release without obstruction so the bile and stones completely leave the body. This protocol is far more natural and does not require the use of laxatives that can damage the colon wall. There is a slight diet modification - no animal products, gluten, dairy or fats for a short period before you start your treatments - and there are supplements to take - Malic Acid (a fruit acid) that helps to soften and break down gall stones, Oxy Powder (all natural magnesium supplement) that helps to loosen and release any impaction in your colon, and dandelion tea, which supports healthy liver function. Also over the three days of treatments you will start to switch from solid food to liquid so that we clear your small and large intestines in preparation for the flush.

Written by Cathy Shea.

Our liver is the largest internal organ and has over 300 functions that science has documented. It is my opinion that there are many other jobs as yet undiscovered that this organ manages. It is important to note that one of the major functions is to help metabolize sugar as well as keep the hormones in balance. Endocrine function affects al other functions of the body. It is of vital importance to cleanse the liver regularly to enhance these activities.
Think of our liver as a large filter. The blood is sent there for filtration and processing from all over the body. Then it is delivered to our heart for the major circulation. If the liver is weak or full of toxins, then the body will feel week and toxic. There are many books and articles that extol the virtues of liver cleansing. Most of them are quite harsh and require extreme measures. We've experimented over the years and found the following protocol to be the least aggressive and most effective. Remember to take a few days off so that you may rest while doing a liver cleanse. The body needs this extra relaxation to rejuvenate and repair at the cellular level.


Be brave, make sure you have the support of a coach like your colon hydrotherapist and take things SLOWLY!!

Begin by tapering off all caffeine, alcohol, vitamin supplements, over the counter medications and animal products. Increase your consumption of fresh organic vegetables & fruits and enjoy whole GRAINS instead of bread & pasta. We have great success eating a big portion of fresh papaya daily as this is a laxative food. This may take a week or two and must be done slowly so that the body has a chance to adapt to these changes. During this time, take 800 mg. of MALIC ACID in capsule form twice per day after eating. This helps thin the bile in the liver and promote its flow by opening the bile ducts. It also helps to take 2 OXY-POWDER capsules at night before bed to increase the bowel movement activity. Drink a minimum of 2- 3 quarts of purified water per day at room temperature, no cold foods or liquids. Drink a minimum of 2 cups of roasted dandelion tea per day at room temp or warm. If you need a sweetener, add STEVIA drops one at a time until you reach the desired taste for yourself. Avoid over eating.

Once you feel ready to proceed and you have done the suggested eliminations in STEP ONE, arrange to have 3 colon hydrotherapy treatments. It's best to have one per day for three consecutive days. If your bowel has been extremely sluggish and you feel the need to continue, go ahead and have 3 more in a row. It is imperative that the bowel is open so that the liver may have a path of release before proceeding. If necessary, increase the dosage of OXY-POWDER by adding 2 in the morning to your dosage of 2 at night.

As you are having the colon hydrotherapy, reduce your solid food intake gradually until you are able to manage liquids only. It's wonderful to drink fresh vegetable juices, especially dandelion green with spinach & carrot or beet. Sip on your dandelion tea & fresh water, make a warm miso broth, especially if you feel a chill. You may snack on sprouts if you feel lightheaded or dizzy. This will give you an energy boost as you chew them to a liquid before swallowing. Warm pureed soups are also good as long as they are from vegetable sources and you may add miso broth to give it a slight salty flavor. Miso also adds friendly bacteria that will enhance the cleansing process. If you feel really hungry, place one tablespoon of organic, ground flax seed in a glass of warm water and drink it down directly. This will fill your belly as it expands to reduce hunger sensations.

Now that you have prepared your body for the liver cleanse, you may proceed to the actual work of moving bile and gall stones out of your liver and gall bladder. Arrange for a few days off so you may rest during the next phase of your cleanse. Our goal now is to allow the stones to pass easily out of the body and yes, you will be able to see them in your toilet since they float. They look like small green peas, some larger than others.

Stop eating and drinking by 2pm so you do not interfere with the cleansing products. You may drink water. Take 2 OXY-POWDER at 6pm with 8-16 oz. of purified water. Prepare the other items you will need:

1 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 cup pineapple juice or fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (your choice)

Put 1 straw in each cup since you will sip through it to drink these.
At 9pm, sip one half portion from each cup then lay down on your right side immediately. Wait and rest until you burp. Once you have burped, sip the last half portion from each cup and go to bed. Lay on your right side with your right knee up as much as possible during the night. If you awaken and need to use the bathroom, return to this position. Put your thoughts and prayers on your liver and imagine the liquids doing the work to open and cleanse this system. If you feel nauseous during the night, rub your belly with essential oil of lavender. It will help this feeling pass quickly and relax you to go back to sleep.

When you awaken, take 2 OXY-POWDER and have another colon hydrotherapy cleanse or give yourself an enema. Watch for the green pellets! Go back to bed and rest if you feel the need. Light exercises like Yoga are perfect during these days as they are contemplative and do not require a lot of energy. When you feel hungry, make yourself a whole grain cereal like millet, buckwheat or basmati rice. Eat it plain with a sprinkle of sea salt and a teaspoon of organic, ground flax seed. Slowly begin to introduce steamed vegetables within the next one or two days. Go very slowly, listen and trust your body as it tells you what it wants and needs. Stay home and rest, walk in nature, swim in the sea if you live nearby and reflect on how good you are being to yourself!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

As you release the stones, watch for different colors & shapes. Some are bright colored, shiny and are in different shades of green. This green indicates the bile from the liver. During my recent cleanse, I released hundreds of them during my colon hydrotherapy sessions. I also noticed many more in the toilet bowl for several days after I drank the “concoction.” Some were smaller than peas and some were as large as a kidney bean. When I fished them out of the toilet using a plastic picnic fork, they were soft like putty thanks to the malic acid. I've read that the lighter colored stones may sink since they contain heavier toxins and calcifications. Many of the old texts talk about how this cleanse is of great help to arthritis, bursitis, back pain, allergies and other health problems. This requires diligence and possibly doing this cleanse 3 or 4 times per year over a period of years. The theory is that with each successive cleanse, the liver increases function. The teachings say that once you no longer see any stones, you may back off to once or twice per year for maintenance. Naturally, it is vital to eliminate all trans fats and increase consumption of good fats found in avocado, coconut, nuts seeds, olive oil, etc.

Please remember that if you are suffering from any acute illness, this is cleanse is not a good idea. This may further weaken you. It is also vital to do the colon cleansing as suggested. If gallstones are not removed via the colon, one may experience symptoms such as infection, abdominal discomfort or headache. Therefore, following this protocol and adding more colon cleansing is of great importance. If you have a history of constipation and a stagnant colon, follow the guidelines of your professional colon hydrotherapist. It may be wise to have 2 or 3 series of colonics prior to embarking on this journey.

If you do not see stones, then repeat the cleanse in about a month and this time add peppermint oil capsules (2 capsules twice per day) and drink a quart of chamomile tea to help dissolve calcifications. We also suggest using the Edgar Cayce remedy of castor oil pack. These are widely available in health food stores along with specific instructions. Drinking the juice of one fresh squeezed lemon first thing every morning will also help stimulate bile. It can be chased down with a large glass of warm water.

In rare cases some people feel nausea and vomit during the night of the cleanse. I believe one night of discomfort is worth the years of benefit that this cleanse provides. In contrast, recovery from gall bladder surgery may take weeks or months. Each individual must decide if this cleanse is something they may want to try. My first experience was a bit uncomfortable and now that I've done this several times, I realize that I had not cleared my colon properly prior to the liver cleanse. I can say that when I perform this cleanse, I realize many benefits including increased energy, less joint pain and improved sleep. I've heard that this cleanse is safe for those without a gall bladder.

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