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Sugar has been proven to be the cause of so many illnesses, cancer and diabetes, yeast/candida, obesity, hormone imbalance, difficult menopause and menstruation, prostate and pancreatitis are just a few of the diseases and symptoms that have been linked to sugar. Obviously natural sugar is best and artificial sweeteners should always be avoided however it is not just the amount of consumed sugar or the type and quality that we have to be concerned about. So many things we eat turn into sugar in our digestive tract. We may be conscious to avoid sweets and sugary drinks but how much of what you are eating is hurting you without your knowledge?
This is a 3 week cleanse that will get you back on track, eating clean while enjoying a full and healthy selection of foods that will boost your nutritional intake. It really is amazing how when you cut out the foods that do you little good not only do you start to feel so much stronger and healthier but you will realize how many delicious options are available and you will enjoy them so much that you wont miss those unhealthy snacks half as much as you think you may.
You wont go hungry on this cleanse yet you will shed those extra pounds and your sugar cravings will diminish. Your energy will improve, as will your digestion and mood. The goal of this cleanse is to eat clean, you want lots of good green veg and lean protein, for example, steamed broccoli and grilled chicken breast or salmon. Do not starve your self just eat lots of the right things. 
Any Diet or herbal cleanse will encourage your organs to flush toxins they are holding to your digestive system for release, if your digestive system is not able to release these then they will sit in your gut until they leak back into your blood stream and go right back to your organs. Therefore the key to cleansing is releasing the bowel, if your colon is clear not only are you releasing the toxins in your gut but also this will then encourage your organs to let go of their toxins further.
What does all this mean?  It means that combining a diet or herbal cleanse with Colon Hydrotherapy is the most effective way to lower your toxicity level which will then in turn allow your cells to heal and the body to have optimal function.
Cleanse Protocol
Start with a 3 series colon hydrotherapy cleanse to clear your entire bowel and prepare your organs to start to release.
Begin cutting out all the items listed: You will need to avoid all foods that contain sugar so this means avoiding all artificial and natural sugar items as well as all processed foods. EAT CLEAN, this means if what you are about to eat does not grow out of the ground just how you see it, then you don’t want it, so nothing processed. All fruit and certain veg that are high in sugar should be avoided so no tomato, parsnip, beets, squash, yams, sweet potatoes or carrots as they have a high sugar content.
Foods that turn to sugar in your system are to be especially avoided so no grains, no flour items, no fried food, no breads or pasta, cereal or granola, and no corn or potatoes.
Good fats are good on this cleanse however you should avoid all types of cow milk and goat diary products that have sugar, I.E. yogurt, kefir and milk including, coconut, soy, almond and rice as they are all high in sugar. Finally avoid pre made sauces and dressings as most contain sugar. Alcohol is full of sugar so sorry no booze for a while.
The first week if you are really struggling you may have half a cup of berries a day, by the second week your cravings should have gone and will no longer need these.
So what can you eat?
All green vegetables, sautéed/ steamed/ roasted - I love steamed broccoli and roasted brussel sprouts, lots of Kale and other collard greens
Salads with lots of greens, avocado, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, sprouts, cucumber, zucchini etc.
Organic chicken, wild fish and other proteins such as farm fresh grain fed chicken eggs are all good on this cleanse however red meat should be avoided.
Beans, lentils and other pulses and legumes are great.
Spices and seasonings are allowed so use them to make some great flavors.
Make homemade soups such as split pea, lentil, and miso or make your own broth and add vegetables and maybe fish or chicken.
Make lettuce wraps and fill with veggies and some protein like sautéed onion and mushroom, grilled salmon and avocado.
Curry, you can use water with all the seasonings and add your vegetables and protein.
Omelets are great and you could also make sushi with cauliflower rice instead of rice.
Snack on raw nuts such as raw almonds, also sprouts and celery.
As your organs start to release to your colon it is key that you keep things moving and do not allow the toxins to build in your digestive tract so I recommend a colon hydrotherapy session each week through the cleanse. I also recommend Oxy Powder all natural magnesium colon cleanser to encourage your elimination and Pharmaceutical grade pro biotic to balance your flora. Drink lots of water every day, we need half of our body weight in once at sea level, more at altitude and with exercise. Detoxing is hard on the body and being hydrated is important to flush those toxins.
By the end of the 3 weeks you should be feeling energized, lighter, your digestion should be greatly improved and bloating gone. Your hormones should be more balanced and your mood, skin and hair will be great. If suffering with a yeast or candida infection I recommend continuing this cleanse for a further 3 weeks.
As you begin introducing foods back in your diet try to take the concept of this cleanse with you for the future. Too much sugar in your diet can be detrimental to your health so keep it in check, stay with natural sugar from fruit and avoid artificial sweeteners.
Please note:
Diet cleansing can be hard and feeling the effects of those toxins releasing from your system is not easy. If you have any concerns please consult with your doctor before starting your cleanse and if you are experiencing negative affects its important to speak up. As the toxins release from your organs they head to your GI track for release, these same toxins slow down your GI track and if the colon gets blocked they will not be releasing from your system, be conscious of this as this is the first sign of re – toxifying that weakens your immune system. Colon Hydrotherapy keeps the colon moving so those toxins release for good.
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