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Types of Cleanses

Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

This protocol is far more natural and does not require the use of laxatives that can damage the colon wall.


Green Cleanse

This is a two-week diet cleanse that encourages your organs to release and helps prep your body for the liver and gallbladder flush.


Juice Cleanse

Juice cleansing is really powerful, it gives your body a huge burst of good healthy nutrients while also causing a deep detoxing effect.


No Sugar Cleanse

We may be conscious to avoid sweets and sugary drinks but how much of what you are eating is hurting you without your knowledge?


Colonics for Colonoscopy

If the client has no major symptoms or history of chronic constipation, they may use this protocol to prepare them for the colonoscopy procedure. 


Colon Hydrotherapy 3 Series

This is a powerful cleanse.
Having three treatments over three days means that you are assured of cleansing the entire colon.


enhance your detox

Add a Cleanse

Toxins building up in your system can cause many different health symptoms, these toxins also slow down your GI track and can cause compaction. Choosing the right cleanse for you can be overwhelming, there are so many companies making products that claim to release these toxins and many different diets that you can follow. When cleansing it's important to understand that any good diet cleanse will encourage toxins to flush from your organs to your digestive tract for elimination, in doing so they can block the colon and leak back into your system causing what we call re-toxification, so it is very important that we keep the colon moving during a cleanse. Colon Hydrotherapy is the most effective way to eliminate toxins from your colon by gently removing the compaction build up and hydrating the colon wall so that the cells can heal. Based on the person, Joanna will create a Colon Hydrotherapy and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy plan to coincide with your diet cleanse so that you achieve the most from your dietary efforts and receive huge improvement in your digestion and elimination. When releasing our colons we signal our organs to release further, thereby making our diet cleanse even more powerful and effective. 

By the end of your cleanse you can:

- Lose those sugar cravings and extra pounds
- Elevate your mood through the balancing of your horomones
- Improve symptoms of menopause
- See a huge improvement with any yeast/candida issues as they will have be starved by the diet and flushed from the colonics
- Enjoy more energy, better mood and feel GREAT

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Dive into cleanses

Learn more about our recommended cleanses, designed to complement our Colon Hydrotherapy treatments.

The romance of unhealthy foods is powerful, as evidenced by the 65 percent of Americans who struggle daily with being overweight and obese. But it is essential to break the cycle of dependence on saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, and excess caffeine and alcohol. Research going back decades has shown us that we can not only be healthier, but actually reverse even severe chronic disease by changing to a plant-based diet: vegan best, but I'll settle for primarily plant-based. 

In addition to breaking the cycle of cravings of foods that undermine your health, just three days of a juice cleanse can do so much more! Here are more than a dozen significant health enhancements you can obtain with the 3-day juice, more so if you can do 5 or 7 days or even 10 days for optimal results.
Note: First rule, keep it organic. Otherwise you are ingesting many of the same pesticide, herbicide and antibiotic residues the body is trying to clear out.

1)Rest the stomach.
For the tens of millions of people who are on acid-suppressing drugs -- and for older folks who often don't produce enough stomach acid -- making the stomach work less to extract nutrients can be a huge benefit. Juices require less of the stomach's digestive processing (churning, acid and pepsin). Remember to gently chew the juices to add oral enzymes to further ease digestion. 

2) Rest and repair the gut.
Toxic foods (including saturated fats, refined carbs, foods with additives, pesticides and allergenic foods), taking medications (such as antibiotics or antacids), and even stress can impair the intestine's functioning. There can easily be an imbalance in the gut micro biome (flora and fauna balance) as well as actual breaks in the intestinal barrier ("leaky gut") -- allowing substances into our bodies that should not get a free pass. Consuming a phytonutrient-dense rainbow plant-based juice diet allows food to be assimilated quickly through the intestine -- consuming less energy, while the toxin-free, nutrient-dense food helps to repair the gut itself. 

3) Rest the liver.
The liver is our main detoxifying organ. Every molecule of food that is absorbed through the intestinal wall (fiber is not absorbed) moves into the liver for detoxification and preparation before being allowed to enter the rest of the body. Problem is, there are too many toxins for most of our livers to handle -- with many passing unchecked into the general circulation to wreak havoc in distant cells. An organic juice cleanse rests the liver's overload.

4) Reduce your appetite.
Juicing doesn't really shrink the stomach -- although it feels like it does. Juicing eliminates the habit of comfort eating, and makes you feel satiated with less food than usual. This provides a big psychological boost to help get over the hurdle of changing habits.

5) Ease food decision-making.
Juicing focuses on consuming fresh whole food produce every few hours -- and reduces the enslavement of thinking constantly about what the next meal is going to be. Not only do we feel sated, but realize we are no longer slaves to our addictions with (often very harmful) foods.

6) Eliminate harmful foods.
The juice cleanse eliminates dairy, wheat, gluten and fermented foods from the diet (as well as coffee and alcohol). In my experience, the majority of patients over 40 are relatively insensitive to wheat. Being off this -- and other common trigger foods for a period -- then reintroducing them can help define what foods are causing our body problems.

7) Floods our body with super nutrition.

Being on an all-produce diet gives us not only the vitamins and minerals but the all-important phytonutrients that are powerhouses for the clean-up and healing process. Juices are by nature raw foods -- and retain nutrients that would be destroyed by cooking, including some B vitamins and especially (digestive and anti-inflammatory) enzymes.

8) Lose weight.
As you are feeling better and having more energy, you also naturally lose weight. Some of this is water bloat, but also some is fat. A juice cleanse (three days minimum) is a great way to jump start a diet. It not only helps control appetite and cravings, but is naturally lower in calories, while supplying the body with probably more concentrated beneficial energizing and healing nutrients than it has seen before.

9) Improve energy.
After the first day's adjustment period (mostly missing crunching, and any coffee/alcohol cessation symptoms), most people begin to feel much more energy and clarity (by consuming only fresh juices) than they ever did with frequent caffeine drinks.

10) Rehydrate the body.
Most of my new patients consume inadequate fluids, often having diuretics such as coffee or tea as their main beverages. Drinking sufficient fluids (6-8 glasses/day) makes the body function more efficiently increases energy (often successfully removing the afternoon blahs/brain fog), and helps insure proper elimination of toxins.

11) Reduce physical problems.
You begin to feel generally better, not just with your energy, but with many chronic symptoms such as headaches, rashes, general aches, congested sinuses and chest, and bloating/cramping/gas. Too much of the time our body is fighting off the things we do to it (especially with food -- but also with lack of sleep, inactivity and stress). Take a break, rest the body (and mind) and flood it with nutrients.

12) Allow maximum detoxification.

To optimally support all phases of the body's natural detox process, you need a very broad range of plant-supplied nutrients like anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. By providing the body with super-nutrient dense foods juicing allows the body to have more of the resources it needs to support the phases of detoxification, and even to begin to help remove the cumulative toxins stored in the body -- 147 industrial chemicals on average in Americans' bloodstreams with many present in newborns.

13) Heal our cells.

Switching to an organic plant-based diet allows cells to work optimally to re-establish efficient internal messaging and manufacturing processes, allowing the mitochondria to create energy without having to fight off a plethora of free radicals and inflammation, and reducing some of the impediments to proper DNA functioning. 
(Caveat: Juicing is not for everyone. Check with your health care provider first, especially people who are pregnant, underweight, diabetic, have unstable heart disease or low blood pressure, or who have life-threatening health challenges.) 

Cleanse Protocol

It is important that you remember that when your organs release they send the toxins to your GI tract for exit out of your system. The average person holds 10lbs of compacted fecal matter, when cleansing that amount can rise as toxins naturally slow down your digestive system, so it is crucial that your bowels keep moving whilst you are cleansing to make sure those toxins are completely released. If not, they can leak back into your blood stream and go back to the organs that you worked so hard to release.
When juicing start with a minimum of a 3 series Colon Hydrotherapy cleanse to clear your entire bowel and prepare your organs to start to release. Cleansing your colon will signal your other organs to release so it will add momentum to your juice cleanse. Throughout your cleanse I encourage you to pay close attention to your bowel movements, you should be going a minimum of 3 times a day and you should be releasing 12” bowel movements.
To receive optimal results from your juice cleanse I encourage further Colon Hydrotherapy treatments through out and ending your cleanse so that you can release as many toxins as your body is ready to.
While Juicing watch your energy levels, vegetable broth and smoothies can help when feeling low but if needed eat some raw vegetables to build your strength and avocado will help with protein levels, just make sure you really chew well. It is important not to push yourself too hard, pay attention to how you feel and if you need to eat a real meal, do so.
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This cleanse is designed to detox and flush your system of toxins, give more energy and rejuvenate the body and can help to shed a few extra pounds because we are putting your body back into balance once we rid it of toxins that slow you down.
Begin by tapering off all caffeine, alcohol, vitamin supplements, over the counter medications and animal products. Avoid over eating. Once you start this cleanse follow the diet and avoid all dairy, gluten, caffeine, refined sugar, fats (avocado, nuts and omega 3 oils are ok), meat, fish and seafood.


Oxy Powder (oxygenated magnesium), 2 capsules at night on an empty stomach. This helps to move any impacted stool from your colon so that we have a clean path out your system when you release the bile and gallstones.
Malic Acid (from apples), 1 800mg capsule twice a day with food. This helps to break down and soften the gallstones so they pass easily.
Dandelion Tea, 2 cups a day. Promotes healthy liver function.


Breakfast– Green drink with aloe and golden flax seed. Two teaspoons of Greens plus, and one teaspoon of golden flax seed, a large splash of aloe and 8 oz’s of filtered water. Shake and drink. If you prefer you may make a smoothie with organic apple juice and frozen berries and add your greens plus and flax to it.

Lunch– Large organic green salad with avocado, pumpkin seeds or nuts. You may add hearts of palm, cucumber, celery, seaweed and other fresh organic vegetables. You may have natural olive oil, sesame oil, pumpkin oil, and flax oil dressings, avoid all pre made store vinaigrettes and dressings unless they are organic and all natural without preservatives. Organic extra virgin olive oil and balsamic with fresh basil and mango makes a great dressing. Try to mix you your ingredients so to not get bored.

SnacksYou may chew on fresh sprouts, one apple or cup of berries/mango/papaya (papaya is great as it is a laxative food). You may also have more green drink or add a large spoonful of golden flax seed to hot water – make sure you chew the flax, it really helps to curb hunger.

DinnerA bowl of miso broth with organic vegetables. Two cups of filtered water, your choice of fresh green organic vegetables and a large tablespoon of miso paste. Try to mix up your vegetables so to not get bored.
Simmer; do not allow to boil as boiling kills all the nutrients and pro biotics. You may add seasoning and a little flax if you wish, you will not need salt, as the miso is fairly salty. If you prefer you may have a vegetable broth instead, however miso is full of wonderful pro biotics.

DrinksMinimum of 3 liters of filtered water a day, organic natural decaffeinated tea (green tea however is ok), green drink, hot water with flax. You may add organic lemon juice to your water and stevia to your tea.


There is a diet change on day 8, 9 and 10.

It is important to eat when you are relaxed, eat slowly and chew every mouthful.
Listen to your body, do not over exercise but try to at least walk for an hour each day or do some yoga.

Days 1-10

Day 1-7
Follow the diet and take supplements

Day 8 and 9
Start Colon Hydrotherapy treatments.
Continue with diet, change the soup to pureed vegetable soup instead.

Day 10
Continue with Colon HydrotherapySwitch your salad lunch to pureed vegetable soup; you will only consume liquid food today.
Now that you have prepared your body for the liver cleanse, you may proceed to the actual work of moving bile and gallstones out of your liver and gall bladder. Arrange for a few days off so you may rest during the next phase of your cleanse.
Our goal now is to allow the stones to pass easily out of the body and yes, you will be able to see them in your toilet since they float. They look like small green peas, some larger than others.
Stop eating and drinking by 2pm so that you do not interfere with the cleansing products. You may drink water.
Take 2 OXY-POWDER at 6pm with 8-16 oz. of purified water. Prepare the other items you will need:
1-cup extra virgin olive oil
1-cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
1-cup pineapple juice or fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (your choice)
Put 1 straw in each cup since you will sip through it to drink these.
At 9pm, sip one-half portion from each cup then lay down on your right side immediately. Wait and rest until you burp. Once you have burped, sip the last half portion from each cup and go to bed. Lay on your right side with your right knee up as much as possible during the night. If you awaken and need to use the bathroom, return to this position. Put your thoughts and prayers on your liver and imagine the liquids doing the work to open and cleanse this system. If you feel nauseous during the night, rub your belly with essential oil of lavender. It will help this feeling pass quickly and relax you to go back to sleep.

Days 11-15

Day 11
When you awaken, take 2 OXY-POWDER and have another Colon Hydrotherapy cleanse. Watch for the green pellets! Go back to bed and rest if you feel the need. Light exercises like Yoga are perfect during these days as they are contemplative and do not require a lot of energy.
Today you will want to start gently with tea. When you feel hungry, make yourself a whole grain cereal like millet, buckwheat or brown basmati rice. Eat it plain with a sprinkle of sea salt and a teaspoon of organic, ground flax seed. Go very slowly, listen and trust your body as it tells you what it wants and needs. CONGRATULATIONS!
As you release the stones, watch for different colors & shapes. Some are bright colored, shiny and are in different shades of green. This green indicates the bile from the liver. You may release hundreds of them during your colon hydrotherapy session. You may notice many more in the toilet bowl for several days after you drank the “concoction.” Some may be smaller than peas and some as large as a kidney bean, they will be soft like putty thanks to the malic acid. The lighter colored stones may sink since they contain heavier toxins and calcifications.
Many of the old texts talk about how the liver and gall bladder flush is of great help to arthritis, bursitis, back pain, allergies and other health problems. This requires diligence and possibly doing the flush 3 or 4 times per year over a period of years. The theory is that with each successive cleanse, the liver increases function. The teachings say that once you no longer see any stones, you may back off to once or twice per year for maintenance. Naturally, it is vital to eliminate all trans fats and increase consumption of good fats found in avocado, cocoanut, nuts seeds, olive oil, etc.

Please remember that if you are suffering from any acute illness, this is cleanse is not a good idea. This may further weaken you. It is also vital to do the colon cleansing as suggested. If gallstones are not removed via the colon, one may experience symptoms such as infection, abdominal discomfort or headache. Therefore, following this protocol and adding more colon cleansing is of great importance. If you have a history of constipation and a stagnant colon, follow the guidelines of your professional colon hydro therapist. It may be wise to have 2 or 3 series of colonics prior to embarking on this journey.If you do not see stones, then repeat the flush in about a month and this time add peppermint oil capsules (2 capsules twice per day) and drink a quart of chamomile tea to help dissolve calcifications. We also suggest using the Edgar Cayce remedy of castor oil pack. These are widely available in health food stores along with specific instructions. Drinking the juice of one fresh squeezed lemon first thing every morning will also help stimulate bile. It can be chased down with a large glass of warm water. In rare cases some people feel nausea and vomit during the night of the flush. I believe one night of discomfort is worth the years of benefit that this cleanse provides. In contrast, recovery from gall bladder surgery may take weeks or months.
Each individual must decide if this liver and gallbladder flush is something they may want to try. My first experience was a bit uncomfortable and now that I've done this several times, I realize that I had not cleared my colon properly prior to the liver cleanse. I can say that when I perform this cleanse, I realize many benefits including increased energy, less joint pain and improved sleep. I've heard that this cleanse is safe for those without a gall bladder.

Day 12
Continue with Oxy Powder
You may wish have another Colon Hydrotherapy session.
Continue with the green diet but if you still feel a little weak or sensitive have steamed vegetables instead of a salad. You may also add a little whole grain cereal like millet, buckwheat or brown basmati rice to you diet (do not over eat)

​Day 13-14
Colon Hydrotherapy is recommended but not compulsory. However if you are experiencing constipation consult your colon hydro therapist.
Continue with the green cleanse, you may also have a small amount of whole grain cereal like millet, buckwheat or brown basmati rice and you may now gradually start introducing a little wild salmon or organic chicken breast or a Sunshine Veggie burger (only this brand as it is all natural and contains no soy).
Try to do gentle exercise, walking, yoga etc. Your energy should be increasing.

​Day 15
Congratulations you have completed the Greens Cleanse. I recommend gently introducing other foods back into your diet rather than over indulging, as it may be too harsh on your system,
Try to maintain what you have achieved with good diet and monthly maintenance colon hydrotherapy sessions. 

Cleanse Protocol

Start with a 3 series Colon Hydrotherapy cleanse to clear your entire bowel and prepare your organs to start to release.
Begin cutting out all the items listed: You will need to avoid all foods that contain sugar so this means avoiding all artificialandnatural sugar items as well as all processed foods. EAT CLEAN, this means if what you are about to eat does not grow out of the ground just how you see it, then you don’t want it, so nothing processed. All fruit and certain veg that are high in sugar should be avoided so no tomato, parsnip, beets, squash, yams, sweet potatoes or carrots as they have a high sugar content.
Foods that turn to sugar in your system are to be especially avoided so no grains, no flour items, no fried food, no breads or pasta, cereal or granola, and no corn or potatoes.
Good fats are good on this cleanse however you should avoid all types of cow milk and goat diary products that have sugar, I.E. yogurt, kefir and milk including, coconut, soy, almond and rice as they are all high in sugar. Finally avoid pre made sauces and dressings as most contain sugar. Alcohol is full of sugar so sorry no booze for a while.
The first week if you are really struggling you may have half a cup of berries a day, by the second week your cravings should have gone and will no longer need these.

So, What Can You Eat?

All green vegetables, sautéed/ steamed/ roasted - I love steamed broccoli and roasted brussel sprouts, lots of Kale and other collard greens
Salads with lots of greens, avocado, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, sprouts, cucumber, zucchini etc.
Organic chicken, wild fish and other proteins such as farm fresh grain fed chicken eggs are all good on this cleanse however red meat should be avoided.
Beans, lentils and other pulses and legumes are great.
Spices and seasonings are allowed so use them to make some great flavors.
Make homemade soups such as split pea, lentil, and miso or make your own broth and add vegetables and maybe fish or chicken.
Make lettuce wraps and fill with vegies and some protein like sautéed onion and mushroom, grilled salmon and avocado.
Curry, you can use water with all the seasonings and add your vegetables and protein.
Omelets are great and you could also make sushi with cauliflower rice instead of rice.
Snack on raw nuts such as raw almonds, also sprouts and celery.

As your organs start to release to your colon it is key that you keep things moving and do not allow the toxins to build in your digestive tract so I recommend acolon hydrotherapysession each week through the cleanse. I also recommend Oxy Powder all natural magnesium colon cleanser to encourage your elimination and Pharmaceutical grade pro biotic to balance your flora. Drink lots of water every day, we need half of our body weight in once at sea level, more at altitude and with exercise. Detoxing is hard on the body and being hydrated is important to flush those toxins.
By the end of the 3 weeks you should be feeling energized, lighter, your digestion should be greatly improved and bloating gone. Your hormones should be more balanced and your mood, skin and hair will be great. If suffering with a yeast or candida infection I recommend continuing this cleanse for a further 3 weeks.
As you begin introducing foods back in your diet try to take the concept of this cleanse with you for the future. Too much sugar in your diet can be detrimental to your health so keep it in check, stay with natural sugar from fruit and avoid artificial sweeteners.

Please Note

Diet cleansing can be hard and feeling the effects of those toxins releasing from your system is not easy. If you have any concerns please consult with your doctor before starting your cleanse and if you are experiencing negative affects its important to speak up. As the toxins release from your organs they head to your GI track for release, these same toxins slow down your GI track and if the colon gets blocked they will not be releasing from your system, be conscious of this as this is the first sign of re – toxifying that weakens your immune system. Colon Hydrotherapy keeps the colon moving so those toxins release for good.

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